Bill Maher had a field day with both Sarah Palin and her Republican critics. “Now that many Republicans have come forward in the last week to finally admit that, ‘okay, you were right, Sarah Palin is a crazy person, they have to ask themselves, ‘What else might I have been completely wrong about all these years?’ In case you missed it, Palin made a speech in Iowa a couple of weeks ago that cryptologists are still working on,” Maher explained on his show Real Time with Bill Maher.
Bill Maher went on to play clips of Sarah Palin’s incoherent content and delivery of her speech. It is the speech that finally had many Republicans throwing her under the bus. He compared it to being on cocaine.
“The pundits that always defended her have officially had enough,” Bill Maher said. “It was as if the scales fell from their eyes and they were finally able to admit 'The emperor has no clues.' They called her speech incoherent, a farce, unseemly, words that might have truly stung Sarah if she knew what they meant.”
Maher went on to enumerate past defenders that had harsh words for her. Matt Lewis who wrote an adoring book about Sarah Palin wrote a piece titled "You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin." Bill O’Reilly compared her to a reality show. Sean Hannity asked if her teleprompter went down. The Washington Examiner questioned whether Palin should be included in future Republican events.
“I only have one question for Republicans,” Bill Maher said. “What took you so long? The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years.”
At last, now that Republicans have admitted to an error Bill Maher wants them to reconsider other Republican tenets. “Now that you know you can do this, what about writing a column called ‘You Betcha I was wrong about climate change.’ … It might feel good.” He extrapolated it to immigration and Middle East wars.
But most importantly he had a zinger on trickle-down economics. “And what about the great granddaddy of zombie lies, trickle-down economics,” Bill Maher asked. “Can’t we throw that one under the bus too? It’s never worked and it never will work for good reason. Because it is like having three dogs and giving a wiener to one of them and thinking, ‘He will share it with the others.’”
Anyone who thinks Bill Maher was being too harsh on Sarah Palin must remember the bile that she spilled during the 2008 elections and beyond. She has been one of the leaders spilling venom into our body politic. What must she think now that her own have turned against her?